Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Everyone Deserves Their Own Spot

Every woman needs her own spot, a little corner of the world where she can call her own.

I have had this chaise lounge for over 25 years and it has always been a place where I could sit and dream or read or pray.

Now it sits in the corner of my studio. I no longer have just a spot. I have a room and it's wonderful. However for many years my chaise lounge was never in a quiet spot because with 4 children, there were none! Even so, when I would sit in my chaise lounge, usually early in the morning, I could always find quiet and comfort there.

Sometimes now when someone comes to our home and sits there they often comment on how it feels so peaceful sitting in it.

I love my "spot" with a quilt in case I'm chilly. Just add a few favorite books...

a "spot " of tea in my own little tea pot for one.. a few little bears that remind me of my mom. and I have the perfect spot.
Sometimes what we think is perfect , isn't quite, so I must be honest and show you the other end of the room. This beautiful little corner is in the midst of my constantly messy sewing studio.
But if I just look out the window and have my back to the mess, I can pretend that I have the perfect life, just for awhile.
Perhaps you can find a spot of your own in your home. Take a favorite chair, cover it with something warm and cosy to wrap up in, put a flower or candle on a table. Grab a few magazines or a book, fix something comforting to drink, turn your back to the mess and enjoy your own spot. After all, "Everyone deserves their own spot".
Rhondi xo


  1. Your spot is a spot most would want to have .... blue and white color combo is so refreshing and soothing at the same time. Good job!

  2. It's wonderful! I am glad to see someone else has a messy desk like me sometimes. Who wants to live in a perfectly neat and tidy environment!

  3. I have always admired your spot, when you had it in your header. I love that you showed the other half of the room....:-). Makes me feel better about my messy studio!

  4. What a wonderful spot. I have 4 kids too and I remember those days. Never a dull moment. Now it's too quiet around here. But I love it. Mimi

  5. Hi Rhondi!

    Oh my , what a beautiful post!! I love your little spot, how cozy and wonderful! and you are too cute about showing the other side too! :) My kids always laugh when I'm taking pictures around the house, they say: "take a picture of MY room Mom, then people can see we have messy rooms too :)" lol. Or If I took a picture of my dining room table on a crafting day, you wouldn't even know what color the table was ;)

    anyway, Thanks for sharing your sweet "alone" area, I loved it! and of course, I adore that Tea Set too!! It feels like every time I come here to your gorgeous blog, I have the urge to buy more pieces! lol. I love that set and for the hundredth time, if you get a second, can you let me know who makes it? Its stunningly sweet, just like everything else you have too!

    Hugs, Cynthia

  6. Thanks so much Rhondi, I actually went right away and looked at it on Ebay. I saw lots of the pieces that you also have , they have a bit different pattern, but i've seen them on your blog and I lOVE them, but yes, lol, pricey! Maybe I'll ask for them on a special occasion :)

    But the Tea set you have is Hearts, and I didnt see any of them. They are Shelley Dainty Blue too?? It only shows the other pattern you have. Its the same name? Oh they are so pretty! I might just have to treat myself to one piece :)

  7. Thank you for taking the birdhouse tour ... as a matter of fact I do get birds who build nests in a few of the outdoor houses...especially the blue one out on the deck. I live in a row of 11 townhomes and my neighbor to the north has humming bird feeders are are constantly busy. The birds certainly know where we are. Also, every evening a bevy of quail make a trek across our huge back yard.

  8. What an inviting chaise and your tea set, and teddies are adorable. I enjoy so much getting a glimpse into people's lives.

  9. I love your spot, Rhondi.....even the view of your work table!
    I'm still working on a spot of my own in this house. I haven't settled on one spot yet, and my chaise longue is in the bedroom (often mistaken, but The Great Dane, for a clothes hanger!)at this point - I'll use your post as inspiration!

  10. I have always loved this spot you have created. But let me say that your other spot...the sewing room...is perfect too. Why? Because it is the mess that shows the creative muses are raging and excited. It shows that hard work is being done there to create. That is why we have no time to clean up. How do I know this??? I have a room just like it...lol!

    Did you ever decide what to do about the spot above your windows in that room where the plates used to be?

    Hugs ~

  11. Hi:
    I sent you an email last night because I could not see your comments. Heidi told me to run the mouse across and I would find it.
    The singer was Sammy Kershaw. I love your Chaise lounge. I sooo wish I had the room to put one in. I guess I could in the back corner of my living room. HUMMMMMMMM. Good idea. Haha.
    Have a great day.

  12. I love your spot, and the rest of the room too. I have a lovely spot and after Christmas I have just acquired a whole room too! Its wonderful to have a room to call ones own, mine is still acquiring its own personsality and is still quite tidy - it is only a week old after all.

  13. Hi Rhondi :)

    This was such a sweet post. I love your tea set :)

    I have spots like that in my home... not the cozy as much as the messy though ;)


  14. Rhondi,
    What a great post - love your 'spot'.

    But what I appreciate most is showing us that even though the camera lens only shows the peace and serenity of your chair, all is not 'perfect' around you. Seizing upon peace and comfort in the midst of chaos or commotion is a skill I need to hone.

    thanks for sharing how such a thing is possible and for being honest with the whole picture. It makes it all the more endearing to me.

  15. How lucky you are to have such a special spot "just for you"! Enjoy it's beautiful. Esther

  16. What an inviting and cozy special spot...in a beautiful room, all of your own! I must tell you that I recently discovered your wonderful blog, and I love your decorating style. Your home is lovely, and seems to really reflect your warm personality. I have been reading your archived posts in the evenings this past week (I'm up to March 2008!) and I'm enjoying seeing all of your photos. And your quilts and pillows are unbelievable. I wish I could even sew a little bit! But alas, I have no talent in that art! :-)

  17. YOur spot is just lovley, I could easily curl up there with the quilt and just hibernate until spring:>)

  18. hello Rhondi-
    I came upon your blog after visiting over at The Quintessential Magpie, and I am very happy that I did! As the previous comments state, your spot looks very comfy indeed, and I guess most of us do have those messy places where our creative urges come to fruition! They can't be helped!
    I also love the name you have chosen for your home. It sounds ideal.

  19. Beautiful little corner.

    Beau petit coin de repos. La couverture est magnifique.


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