Monday, January 26, 2009

Giving and Receiving

A beautiful card from a special friend in The Netherlands.
Some goodies.
Don't you love it when you get a package in the mail? It happens so seldom at our house. So it is even more exciting when I know something is on its way. I won a giveaway from Carolien in The Netherlands and she emailed last week to tell me she had sent it. So for the last couple of days I have been watching expectantly for the mail to arrive.

Saturday it came!

Carolien is very skilled at cross stitch and quilting and she knows I love color and I am a quilter, so she made this mini pillow especially for me. It has quilt patterns in each of the 4 sections and is filled with lavender. I love it! Look at all those perfect little stitches.She also gave me these wonderful stork scissors with a fob, custom made for me with blue and white beads. How did she know I had no decent scissors for snipping threads?
There was also a package of delicious Dutch coffee candies!

That's the "receiving" part of this post. To find out about the "giving" part, click here . I'd love it if one of the bloggers I knew won it!

Rhondi xo


  1. Rhondi, that cross stitch is stunning. I am quilter so I love that it is four different patterns and the color is spectacular.


  2. What a fun package to receive and such beautiful items inside.

  3. How lovely.... I adore those small scissors.... they are so cute..... and I have to tell you that tablecloth is so calling my name..... love that plaid...

  4. Dear Rhondi,

    This was too much honour, you know ... I can make some stitches, but am just a beginner in quilting! No lessons, just messing around a bit ... I'm trying to make my first application block right now. When I see your quilts, my ... will I ever learn that?
    But I am really glad you like my little presents.

    Take care & hugs, Carolien

  5. Getting gifts in the post sure beats bills! I love those scissors x

  6. What a wonderful package indeed! And all the way from the Netherlands...

    The pillow is just beautiful. The scissors are so cute!

  7. Hi Rhondi,

    Oh yes the counted cross is beautiful!. I love Carolien's work she is so gifted. You know I love all kinds of needlework and I truly understand all the time and love it takes to make such a special gift.
    Enjoy your day,

  8. Rhondi...What beautiful gifts! I know firsthand how long it takes me to complete a crosstitch project so you must be very dear to your friend to give it away!

    I really do love the stork scissors. What a keepsake!


  9. What a wonderful gift. I'm so happy you won. I have met Carolien and she is just a great person. She just has kindness in all her actions.
    Have a good day.

  10. how fun to see your parcel unpacked at your house, and ready to be packed over in Holland! Loved the rooms on your pink Saturday too!

  11. What a lovely card, and how perfect to have the pretty tulips from the Netherlands! :-) And what gorgeous gifts! The pillow is so pretty, and yes, it really looks like *you*! And the little stork scissors? How cute can ya get?! :-)

  12. Hi Rhondi,
    That is one pretty pillow and those scissors,Yes I just love to get surprises in the mail,I guess we are all children at heart.

  13. Hi Rhondi, What a beautiful package of treasures you received. The pillow is gorgeous and the scissors are really special with the blue beads. Yes, it is always wonderful to have a package arrive in the mail.
    I know you are enjoying your pretties.
    hugs, Celestina Marie

  14. What lovely gifts, and how fun to be the receiver of these treasures. laurie

  15. What a sweet, thoughtful gift. My favorite is that blue fob for your scissors - it reminds me of my Blue Willow dishes. :) blessings, marlene

  16. I love packages in the mail too. Love that needlepoint pillow. You're one lucky gal. Mimi

  17. What a beautiful package to have received in the post! How wonderful!

  18. How lovely! Gifts this special don't come along every day. What a blessing when they do. I received one this week too . . . handmade with love and just perfect!!!

    Anything created with a needle, thread, and fabric is definitely a passion of mine . . . . along with health & wellness, my family (especially the grandkids) and my Jesus.

    Have an incredibly blessed day!

  19. Love your wlal hanging! Makes me want to spend the afternoon sewing!
    Paula in Idaho

  20. Very nice goodies! I like the scissors with the blue beads!


  21. Hi Rhondi -
    Gifts from special friends are such cherished treasures. I especially the love the gorgeous scissors and fob made just for you. What a treat!

  22. My goodness, what a wonderful package to receive. I do like the tulip card, it has the effect of vintage tiles. x


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