Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pink Saturday

It's pink Saturday again! Thanks to Beverly for hosting this event each week. Once again there are a lot of participants. Hope you have time to visit some of them.

Welcome to my little Pink Saturday house. Some of you thought that I really lived here. I just make believe it's my house on Pink Saturday. The rest of the week it belongs to someone else. So those beautiful flowers and shrubs I showed you last week are just pretend too. I fooled quite a few of you didn't I?

There are 5 bedrooms in my little pink house. It doesn't look big enough for 5 bedrooms does it? But since it's only make believe I can have as many bedrooms as I like! So if you'd like to come and visit me, I have plenty of room for overnight guests. Which room would you like?

It's hard to decide isn't it because they are all so beautiful.
By the way, thanks for all your prayers for our grandson. He came home from the hospital yesterday.
Have fun visiting the other blogs. Just click here to see the list of all the participants.
I am taking part in the One World One Heart giveaway. You can read about it on my previous post.
Rhondi xo


  1. Rhondi, first I have to say I'm so thankful to know your little grandson is home and getting better - he's been in my prayers.

    Then, happy pink Saturday - even though there's still a little snow lingering on the ground around here, the warmth of those pink rooms certainly is cheery.

  2. Rhondi,
    I'm so happy to hear Christopher is home from the hospital!
    I loved your tour today of the pretty pink bedrooms!

  3. Rhondi, What a fabulous pink house.. we can all dream about living there!
    Please stop by blog I'm having a Pink Saturday blog banner give-a-way.
    Thanks and have a happy Pink Saturday!
    Blessings, ~Mary~:-}

  4. Hi Rhondi,
    Wow! It IS hard to decide - can I have them all?

    What a cute house - thanks for sharing!

  5. It's good to hear that your little grandson is home, Rhondi.
    All those pink bedrooms!.......I'll take the last please.

  6. Any one of those pink rooms would be fit for a princess!

  7. I like the white bed with the pink bed curtains. I like my pink with a little something else to offset it. I love the house! Happy Pink Saturday!
    Erin :)

  8. Rhondi,
    Glad to hear your little grandson is home and doing better. God bless your sweet little grandson. I will keep him in my prayers. God never fails us. God truly is great!
    Love the pink bedrooms and pink house too!
    God bless,

  9. Hello Rhondi,

    I am glad the package arrived safely and I am very happy you like the things I sent you! How nice the sweets bring back dear memories. Well, enjoy it, I made it with great pleasure!!!

    Hugs & have a great weekend,

  10. Praise the Lord, Rhondi! That's wonderful news about your grandson!

    Can I come live in your pink dream house with you? It looks like a lot of fun!


    Sheila :-)

  11. You did have me fooled about your pink house.Love the 3rd and last bedrooms especially.
    Happy your grandson is home again.

  12. What a beautiful home. Thanks for the tour. It is fun to dream, isn't it.

  13. Ok, ok ... I admit it. I thought that little pink cottage was yours. But how much fun it is to dream of it and the wonderfully decorated room photos!!!!!

  14. i choose pic #2...wouldn't it be great to be a child in that room!?

  15. They are all beautiful.
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Virginia :)

  16. I hope that whoever does live in that pink cottage knows how lucky she is! I love all the pink bedrooms..I don't know if hubby would like a room in all pinks Happy Pink Saturday!

    p.s. so grateful your grandson is home...sending good thoughts your family's way....

  17. Hello Rhondi! Love that pink house and all the bedding in the pictures! Could use one for my guest room! Thinking of you!


  18. Rhondi, I am so grateful your grandson has improved. They do hold our hearts, don't they? Praise God.

    I really love all the pink bedrooms in your pink house. Maybe I'll just keep visiting until I have slept in each one.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  19. I'll take room #3!! Though they are all lovely!

    What a creative Pink Saturday post!

    Love your blog and look forward to getting to know you through it!


  20. I was on the fence about that house being yours, but you were very convincing. Those rooms are oh so beautiful. wow.
    Glad your Grandson got home.

  21. I couldn't pick just one bedroom so on my pretend vacation...I'll just come five nights and stay in each room! Happy Pink Saturday!

  22. Rhondi...Thank God your grandson is better. We were all worried...

    Thanks for the PS post. I will take the bedroom with the four poster. I'm an old fashioned gal !!


  23. Ohmygooooosh, isn't that adorable, chickee?!?!!? Hey, I'd go for even more bedrooms as long as your dreaming.......
    Happy PS........

  24. Hi Rhondi...Happy Pink Saturday! When I come to visit you at your little Pink House, can I pick out the bedroom I want to stay in? I love them all. Hugs

  25. ADORABLE pink house!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  26. I'd take any one of those bedrooms. I especially love the pink and green. Mimi

  27. Which room to choose???? hmmmmmm.
    How could one decide with these lovely rooms. Happy belated Pink Saturday and have a lovely week. I think tho, with your grandson out of hospital, your week has already been made wonderful.:)

  28. I am totally in LUV with your pink house and all 5 bedrooms...yummy!
    hugs, bj

  29. What gorgeous bedrooms! I love them all:>)

  30. Hi Rhondi
    As always I enjoy visiting with you,I listen to your music and it just gives me such a warm feeling while i am visiting. thanks for sharing .

  31. I'll stay 5 nights, one in each room : ) Happy belated pink Saturday.

  32. Hi Rhondi, its been a while since I last visited your blog! I am just getting around to the Pink Saturday posts. I just love that pink house! And all those beautiful bedrooms, I will take three!
    Love, Ann

  33. I have a young grandson, too, so I know how glad you must be that your grandson is home from the hospital. I see you might be a night-owl by the time shown on your post. I am one, for sure. I can't make up my mind on the bedrooms, so I am thinking I would need to visit for five days and sleep in each room and then I could pick my favorite!! :-) If I had to choose before testing them, I think it would be the lovely white room with the canopy bed. One can dream, right?!! :-)

  34. So happy to read that Christopher is home! Wonderful news. I love all your pink goodies. I always wanted a bed with a canopy. Perhaps one day I shall have one. I do have a pink bedroom though. Maybe I should show it all on a pink Saturday!

  35. Thanks for entering my giveaway. And yes, you are right about it being very time consuming to visit all of the many participants. I only visited a few whose blog names piqued my interest, and then I also visited the blogs of the folks who wanted to be included in mine. But it has been fun to see all the creativity out in blogland. LOL
    And I always love coming to visit your colorful blog. It is so pretty.

  36. Can I book bedroom no 3 - the one with the white 4 poster bed please?

  37. I'll take the third bedroom down with the hardwood floors and four poster bed! My favorite bedding though is in the last pic with the gorgeous pink and yellow toile. I think I have fabric just like that!



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