Monday, October 20, 2014

31 Days of Beauty and Quotes Day 20

Welcome to 31 days of beauty and quotes day 20.

I love this photo and this bible verse.
What happened to days  18 and 19 you ask?  Well let me tell you. I am 3  days behind with my 31 day challenge :(
When  it comes to discipline, I am very bad so this 31 day challenge has been quite a challenge for me.
But on top of that I decided  to have a shopping fast for the month of October, buying only food or anything absolutely necessary for the whole month. If that weren’t enough discipline for one month, my friend and I decided we needed to lose some weight and are holding each other accountable. My goal is no snacking between meals and eating more healthy. Goodbye  nice comforting bowl of cereal before I go to bed!
What was I thinking trying all these at the same time!? Yikes!  So the shopping is going great and the eating is going well, but I am two days behind on my blog so I’ll just do a couple days in a row here to catch up.

                                                                       Day 19
Day 18  This is the first photo which isn’t my own. I borrowed this from Pinterest.
Phew, all caught up!!
Hope this is a great week for you.
Rhondi xo

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