Friday, October 17, 2014

Autumn Tea on the Deck and 31 Days of Beauty and Quotes Day 17

It is one of those perfect fall days.  The sun is shining.  There is a slight breeze. The sky is clear and the air is fresh. As I walked around my garden I snapped some photos.

                                       The leaves on our Japanese maple have started to turn red.
                                                  Leaves are beginning to cover everything.

When I walked out on the deck, our neighbor’s cat Ginger was enjoying herself watching for birds and lizards.  We don’t use our deck much in the summer because of the heat and mosquitoes, but days like today are perfect
Time for a little autumn tea. So I moved another chair over, gathered a couple of cushions and brought my tea outside

                                            Would you like to have some some autumn tea with me?

 If you look up, this is what you’ll see above us.
                                       If you look up, this is what you’ll see above us.

                                                                           and this
                                                                          and this..
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Oops, almost forgot: 31 days of beauty and quotes day 17
                                                                           Happy weekend

                                                                              Rhondi xo

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