Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Books books books

Hello friends.

I kind of got side tracked from working on the kitchen today. We are having out of town friends come for dinner and the night so I spent time getting their room ready and baking and making dinner.

Also my studio and fabrics were saying, "Where are you?" So I just HAD to spend a little time creating. I have an idea to make a lollipop tree quilt, so I had fun making lots of fabric choices.

Tomorrow I will get back to the kitchen.

Thanks so much to those of you who gave me suggestions of authors. I went to the library and got a couple of Marcia Willett books and am really enjoying the first one. My SIL suggested Mary Alice Monroe and someone emailed me today with another suggestion but I deleted it before I wrote it down. If that was you, could you please send it to me again? Thanks.

So here is just a pile of books that I have on the go right now. I was hoping we would have had time to have a cup of tea together today but before I knew it our friends had arrived and the day was over. Let's get together tomorrow and we can have a good chat.


  1. Hi Rhondi ~

    I can so identify with getting sidetracked with things you are doing in the house. I am glad someone else has fabric that 'talks' to them. :) It is ususally my quilt studio that pulls me away from things too.

    I have two of the books in your stack ~ Simple Abundance and Where Women Create which I love both. Now lets talk cats please? I LOVE THAT CAT SITTING ON THE BOOKS! Where did you find it? He is just adorable.

    Hugs ~

  2. Hello! Happy New Year!!! I love to have a pile of books to read, may not get round to reading them all, but it's a lovely feeling knowing that they're there! Enjoy yours

  3. Hi Rhondi, what a cosy and inviting image, a lovely pile of books waiting to be browsed and read. And I know you have a wonderfully cosy corner to read them in! Wishing your the best of everything in 2008.
    Lucy x


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