Friday, January 18, 2008

It's The Little Things

Yesterday when I was thinking about being thankful I took some pictures of my sewing studio, but then decided that I was really thankful for the rain instead.
While I was taking pictures I snapped a couple of some of the small details.
I used to do decorative painting, so these are all things I've painted.
Vines on the legs of the table where I have my sewing machine. A folk art style tree and checks on a little bookshelf that sits in the corner of the studio.

Blue folk art flowers on a lampshade in the corner where my chaise lounge is.
Another day I'll show you pictures of my studio but for today, just a few little handpainted touches. It's the little things that mean a lot.
Hope you have a good weekend.


  1. You are so right Rhondi,
    it's the little details.

  2. Hi Rhondi,
    I wanted to Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day.
    What a great & beautiful idea on the furniture:-).
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!.

  3. Really beautiful Rhondi...I enjoy your blog a lot...

    Hugs Annie

  4. Hi Rhondi
    I feel thankful you visited my blog, now I've found yours,I've very much enjoyed reading your last few posts, your blog has a wonderful serene feeling to it, I'll be back for more visits soon

  5. Rhondi, everything looks have such a fresh and happy look to your decorating!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Your work is gorgeous! I love the blue-painted lampshade. It looks exactly like a yellow lamp I have that belonged to my grandmother. I really wanted to something different and tole paint on the shade but never did it. Thanks for sharing yours. ~Adrienne~

  7. Rhondi, I just saw your note...if you like Fannie Flagg, M'Lee will be just your thing! I've told her before that her writing most reminds me of Fannie Flagg. I will definitely be looking forward to those books, too...I love Fannie Flagg!

  8. Hi,

    I just discovered your blog and wanted to let you know how much I love your decorating style and the colors in your home.

    And, Oh my gosh! Your quilts are so
    beautiful. I love that you use contemporary fabrics.


  9. Such lovely touches Rhondi - especially the delicate vines on the table legs.
    Yes the rain was good - tomorrow comes the snow and freezing rain around here! I plan to stay in and create something!

  10. You are very talented! I am a detail oriented person too. I love lots of little touches like the ones you've made. Can't wait to see your sewing room.

  11. Hi Rhondi!
    Thanks that you stopped by... I´m sorry that I hadn´t translated på poster this time..
    The first photo is from a lovely place called Lunnebacken very close to my home. Our house is exactly the same was a very common house style in the countryside in the south of Sweden about 1900...

    The next photo shows a very nice and pittoresque coffeehouse in the wet of Sweden...

    The photo with the roses is taken in an another very nice small village called Kristianopel...just by the seaside in the east of Sweden...

    To next time/ Annie

  12. Wow! You painted all that? It is really pretty. It must be a joy to be in your studio! I love spending time in mine but it is a disaster area right now. I am slowly working on it but I left everything out and could hardly find the floor at one point over the holidays. Well...creative juices and all that jazz. Do you know what I mean? So is your reading corner also in your studio?

    I am so glad to hear how well DH is doing. Hopefully the pain CTS is now good and well behind him.

    Hugs ~
    Heidi (who is thankful that DH just got home this afternoon from the US)

  13. Hi Rhondi,
    Your fniece Michele in Jacksonville is my friend and neighbor and she told me about your blog. I just love it and I hope to be visiting again soon. I've bookmarked you in my favorites. You may have some tips on helping me with a piece of wicker furniture that I have. Looking forward to the future!
    Sue B.

  14. Beautiful touches.....maybe be little touches but big impact......Betty

  15. Oh Rhondi, I love those little touches! You have a lot of talent:>) Those are just the kinds of things I love!

  16. Dear Rhondi,
    How lovely! You have such a talent!

  17. Catching up on blogs (its 3.30am cant sleep!) What is a consignment shop ? I keep seeing it metioned. Is it second hand stuff?

  18. Ohhh...what lovely things you have in your room! I enjoy the photos!

  19. Hi Rhondi,
    You have talent, sinply gorgeous.
    You are so right about the little things too.

  20. Hello Rhondi
    You painted all that?
    It's wonderful.I love the lampshade,
    beautiful colors, blue and white is
    my favourite.
    I have a Award for you.
    Have a nice week,Regina

  21. Beautiful little touches Rhondi! Very nice!

  22. Rhondi, those are lovely! Now I am envious, not only can you quilt you are an artist too! I love the lamp shade.....

  23. Hi Rhondi

    Your sewing studio is lovely - the details are fresh and cheerful! I love the photo of your chaise lounge too - blue and white floral motifs are very romantic! It's good to see the lamp shade up closer too. You are a talented artist!


  24. Hello Rhondi, thanks for stopping by to see me...of course it's not to late for the giveaway entry...not until Saturday night coming! I love your pictures and the ivy painted on the legs of your sewing machine table. Your sewing room is lovely. I just posted about the giveaway today, back to the regular blogging this afternoon...we had lovely snow over the weekend, any moisture is welcome here...anything to ease the drought we're was so nice to meet you!

  25. Can't wait to see more! What wonderful details!

    kari & kijsa

  26. Hi Rhondi, your talents are endless, these handpainted pieces are stunning, how lovely to have thm all around your beautiful home.
    loving the music too...
    Kath from Scotland x


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