Monday, January 7, 2008

Flowers in January

Hi friends out there in blogland. I often wonder who is reading this. I am sure there are more than just those who leave a comment. If you've been visiting but never left a comment I'd love it if you would.

Many of us bloggers have a lot in common. I was at Mary's blog, Across the Pond and she was out walking in her garden . I was out in my garden today too. We both live in North Carolina , (although a few hours distant) so we were enjoying close to 70 degrees here today. While I was outside I was just walking around my garden looking to see if there was anything coming up in my garden. Look what I found..the hellebores are blooming!
A camellia had survived the cold weather we had last week.
The pansies in the pots on the deck were enjoying the sun. I love pansies. They are so cheerful. They are just like little faces aren't they? And the colors are great.
I love the blue ones. Surprised?
This one is pretty too.

Kim at Daisy Cottage was enjoying a glass of wine while she looked at a new magazine. Two magazines came in the mail today: Home Companion and Country Living. It's too early here for wine, so I have a pot of tea. It's still pretty warm , so I think I'll take a tray with tea and my magazines and go out to the front porch , sit in my rocker and enjoy the sun while it's still warm. Do you have a few minutes to join me? Hope so!
Thanks for popping in! See you next time.


  1. Hi - I sent your quilt pic to work on email so I could show my friends - they also think you are extremely talented. Do you know I subscribed to American Country Living in late September and I havent received a copy yet. I cant even ask about it because I cant work out how to ask the correct question about where it is because I dont have a state or a zip code!!

  2. Thank´s for visiting my place! What wonderful flowers in Your garden!! I love pansies! And Out of Africa ..and You´ve got mail...and What a wonderful world and the rest of he music on Your site!! Ha! I´would love to come for tea at Your place!


  3. Hi,

    I've been visiting and never commented. I enjoy your blog, thanks for taking the time an effort to post. The pansies are beautiful.

  4. One more comment, I don't have a blog, but I have a website and I'm trying to connect my home page through my blogger signature. So here goes again. If not I am at

  5. Oops, I hit the wrong button, so I'm not sure whether my comment is waiting for approval or floating around in cyber space. To make it short...I'm enjoying your blog. Your photography is lovely. I'll be back soon.

  6. I had to work in the garden this past Sunday before we left Cranberry Cottage as we won't be able to go for the next two weekends. The plants are already starting to bud and we needed to clear away some of the old growth from last year left to protect the plants. It poured all Saturday which was a shame as we could not do any of the gardening. Our hellebores in both this garden and the cottage look really bad this year. I think the plants are old and tired now. I may have to replace them. Now you have helped me to remember to go out today and see if my camellia has a flower. I shoved it in a corner as it no longer wanted to bloom and since then it has given a couple of blooms each year.

    You have the prettiest teas sets! I love this mug! What a pretty pattern it has. I wish I could join you for a nice hot cup of tea. Do you have any English Breakfast tea with milk please? :)

    I too wonder how many look at my blogs that never comment. Sometimes it feels like noone does and other times you get a good bit of feedback. I love getting the comments so always let others know I stopped by for a visit even if I just say hello.

    Hugs ~

  7. You flowers and tea setting ready for a bit of relaxation are so inviting. Thanks for sharing. I just love your blue and white everything!

  8. Good morning...thank you for stopping by my place.
    I love Home Companion...I need to take out another subscription..thanks for reminding me. And your tea pot and cup are so and white ANYTHING just makes my heart sing.
    You mentioned me being blessed with a granddaughter. Oh, I am... more than you know. We have SEVEN granddaughters and THREE grandsons. I thank the LORD daily for all my blessings.
    Don't forget to stop by again really soon.....
    hugs, bj

  9. Hi!
    Love the pics in your in NC too, I am enjoying the warm weather. We have nothing blooming though. The camellia didn't even bloom this year :-(

  10. Hi,
    I've been out of town since Sunday I've missed the last couple of days visiting glad your husband is doing well....

    Your quilts are works of art...gorgeous...Betty

  11. Hi Rhondi,
    Thanks for stopping by Chez Fifi and all your nice words!
    No, I never get tired of seeing lovely homes and meeting equally lovely people but I do get tired of airplanes, hotels and the non-stop fast pace of photo shoots....coming home to my little cottage and my sweet kitties is what I love best!
    Hurry up and go get 2 more kitties. They are so loving!
    Take care.


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