Friday, January 4, 2008

Looking After My DH

Good morning friends.

Boy is it cold here for NC. In the 20's. Brr... Just a quick hello to all my friends out there in blogland. I have to take my Darling Husband (DH) to the hospital today for surgery . He has carpal tunnel syndrome. This is how he spends all day every day when he is at work: on the computer. Which is why he has the carpal tunnel. As you can see by the smile (he has the best smile) he is happy at his computer!

They say it's a very quick recovery time and he'll be back at work on Monday. We're praying that all goes well.

Thanks to Heidi's suggestion I have a good book by Marcia Willett that will keep me occupied while I wait!



  1. I will say a prayer that all goes very smoothly for DH Rhondi! It is good to never take even a minor surgery for granted and say a prayer.

    I am pleased you are so liking Marcia Willett! I am reading a book now that I don't like and keep thinking why bother reading it. Yet as I have to buy all my books I think of the money spent on it too. Is that silly?

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I am off soon to Cranberry Cottage and will talk to you again on Sunday (hopefully to hear that DH is doing very well).

    Hugs ~

  2. I hope your DH surgery is a breeze and all goes well! I am glad you have a good book to keep you company. Your quilts are wonderful, so unusual.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and please come visit again!

  3. Hi Rhondi,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope that all goes well with your husbands surgery. I've heard that it's a fairly easy surgery, and that the healing time is brief. Keep us posted!


  4. Rhondi,

    As I'm just now reading a few blogs I suppose your husband's surgery is over but I do wish him a speedy recovery. As it has been said, 'minor surgery is when it's someone else having it'.

    Wising you a blessed weekend...Betty

  5. Rhondi, my husband had Carpal Tunnel surgery on both hands. One hand then when he recovered the other. His recovery was quick. He just retired from almost 40 years as an electrical lineman. I suppose that is what caused the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. My Dental Hygienist has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. So far she's avoided surgery.

    Hope your husband is doing fine!


  6. Hello Rhondi,
    I wish all the best for your husband.
    Hugs Regina

  7. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    Oh, now you have to tell me about that wonderful chair! I love the upholstery!


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