Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thrift Shop Finds

Hello my blogging friends. I think it's time for a cup of tea. Have you got time to join me for a few minutes? I am getting out a nice old cup and saucer instead of a mug which is what I usually have. I've got 2 of these so I'll get one for you too. Make yourself comfortable. I'll bring in the teapot. On Tuesday the Goodwill here has senior's day which means 2o% off for seniors. I didn't find a thing! There is this one lady who is always there when I go and as usual her cart was loaded to the top with some great looking stuff. I don't know how she does it, but it appears as if she just gets there at the right time. I must admit it makes me mad that she always gets so much. I think she is probably a dealer. It will give me great satisfaction some day when I am able to snatch a treasure from right under her nose! That's not very nice of me is it?

There is one litle thrift shop near me which seldom has anything but I got a couple of things there today. This metal and glass hanging thing which I hung in the kitchen window. It has a slight tint of blue in the glass which I like and will look very pretty when the sun shines in in the afternoon.

I also got this very nice needlepoint pillow and a cute plate made in Portugal. I spent a total of $4 for the whole lot, so I felt it was a successful outing.
Lots of you commented on how neat my studio was and that the space where that your work space is messy. Just thought I'd show you my studio , not even 24 hours since I took the last photos. Actually it doesn't look too bad yet but the photo doesn't show all the little pieces of fabric all over the floor.
When you leave I'm going to have second cup of tea and read. I just went to the library and got Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon. I've enjoyed the entire Mitford series so I am sure this one will be good too.

Hope your day is going well. Please come back again. I love our visits.

Rhondi xo


  1. I'm so glad you found my blog so I could find yours ;-) You found some wonderful thrift items. I'm always peeking in other carts to see what I missed! And thank you for the studio reality shot. I need to see that one. I'm supposed to be cleaning mine as I type ;-)

    PS You live in one of my most favorite states. My son lives in NC.

  2. Hello Rondi,
    I enjoyed my cup of tea out of that pretty blue and white tea cup! I like the goodies you found at the thrift store.

    I know just how you feel about that woman who scoops up all the good stuff before anybody else has a chance! I've felt that way before too, she probably is a dealer. Maybe you can beat her there someday!

    Thanks for your honesty, and for showing your little mess, we all have those!!


  3. I love your finds!! What a great bargain too!

    I know you are going to enjoy Home to Holly Springs. I really did. I felt like I ran into old friends! Now I am anxious for the next one to come out.

  4. Nope! I still have you beat in the mess category! :)

    I love your tea cup and will be right there to join you. Oh, if only I could! I think you and I would get along so well and have many tea dates. I would bring along something really yummy that we should not be eating but, hey, we only live once. Right?

    You found some really neat items. I rarely go to our thrift shop but then I rarely go out. :) I did go to two garden centers yesterday and one treasure I found was a mirror. It is new but looks extremely old with a spotted mirror. I love it and now cannot decide on where of 4 places to hang it. I am busy waxing and recovering my chairs so I will decide for sure after I finish them.

    Happy Wednesday! Make it a special day...

    Hugs ~

  5. Hi Rondi!

    Just stopped by to say hi...thanks for the nice cup of tea - and great things you found - and very nice pictures...

    Take care/ Annie


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