Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Hi. Come on in. I'll just go put the kettle on for a cup of tea. If you prefer coffee I can make that to, but my husband says I make the worst coffee, so you might want to stick with tea! Hope you can stay for a little while. I want to show you something...
The other day I showed you my Blue Plate Special quilt, but I forgot to tell you that I won ribbons for it! At our annual quilt show in 2006, I won a 1st place ribbon voted by the judges, but even better than that I won viewer's choice. For those of you unfamilar with quilt shows, everyone who comes is given a ballot and is asked to vote for their favorite and mine won by a landslide!! What a thrill for me. They liked my quilt!! That is a much better honor than having a judge give you a blue ribbon. The next year I designed this one which I call Baltimore Album goes to Carnival. The Baltimore Album style that was my inspiration is done in very traditional colors and I chose to do mine in these wild colors which I thought was reminiscent of carnival. I only got a second because they said the edges were wobbly :( Karen Stone, a wonderful quilt designer calls that a friendly quilt because it is "waving" at you! Here is a close up.
Thought I'd show you one more that I put in the show. I was inspired by Freddy Moran's house quilts and also the traditional school house quilt. I call this The Lights Are On But Nobody's Home. This isn't a very good picture of it, but I don't know how to delete it without starting all over again :( Haven't figured that out yet. Can anybody help me?
One of my quilting friends, Jeri is on her way over to bring me some applique to do. Our quilting group is doing a group quilt. We chose this great design by Piece O' Quilts. I will be appliqueing 2 of the borders. The applique is all done by hand so it is quite time comsuming but looks great when it's all done. I'll post a picture of our version when we finish it. I just love all the bright bold colors in it. Here is a picture of the quilt hanging at the Houston Quilt show a couple of years ago. Isn't it great?
I was thinking about how quilts are cosy and you can cuddle up in them on a cold winter's day. Many of us try to make our homes cosy for our family and friends. I found this quote by Mark Twain which I wanted to share:
Shut the door, not that it lets in the cold but that it lets out the cosyness
Hope this day brings you something good.

Rhondi xo


  1. Wow! You do wonderful work! Everything is beautiful. I love your vignette in the first picture. What a nice spot to read a book!

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so i could find you for a visit :-)

  2. I secretly wish I could quilt. Yours are soooooo pretty!! You take it to a whole differentl level.

    Karen Eileen

  3. These are lovely quilts!

  4. Thanks for your comment about County Living mag. I have been on the website again and the only thing I can do is write to them because I cant email them from here. I am really cross I dont have an order number or anything they sent me an email on 29th September 2007 which I cant reply to and said the first issue would be 4-6 weeks. I shall write a letter at work tomorrow.

  5. Oh, thank you for the cup of tea!--and the eye candy! (wink!)

    Have a lovely day!


  6. Rhondi, I don't know how we missed each other these last couple of days either!! I have just caught up. Love your quilts - my mom was a quilter and she LOVED bright colors. I am more of a muted color person, but she made me this wonderful flying geese pattern in bright colors and I cherish it!

  7. Your quilts are gorgeous, Rhondi! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and you're right! I'm close to Hamilton. :) It's nice to "meet" a fellow Canadian. ~ Lynda xo

  8. Rhondi,
    I just love your blog. When I have a busy and crazy day, I go to your blog and it just calms me down. Keep up the good work. Have a great week!

  9. You most certainly deserved to win! You are very talented! I see you live in North Carolina too. I'm in Raleigh. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!


  10. Congrats on winning those ribbons. When I read the name of that quilt, Blue Plate Special, I had to scroll back through your posts to find it. Blue and white is my favorite color combo. I have a blue and white kitchen and enough Blue Willow china to fill it up. Of course I have other blue and white china pieces as well. I can't seem to pass it up.

    Nice to meet you, I'll be back.


  11. You are one talented lady my friend. Beautiful Mary

  12. Oh Rhondi, your quilts are truly art! I love the Baltimore Crnival, the colors are right up my alley! Love the way you use them! And the bly plate special is amazing. I wish I had the patience to quilt but all those little pices overwhelm me:>)

  13. Well, I am not surprised you won those ribbons. That was one amazing quilts as are all the others! Great job with each and every one Rhondi! I love the quote and have never heard it before. I will remember that and shut in my cosyness in my home. :)

    By the way, thanks for the wonderful cup of tea in that adorable mug of yours! :)

    Hugs ~

  14. Quilting is something I haven´t tryed yet, but thought of a lot. I love fabrics and patterns and can hardly resist buying a piece when I see a beautiful fabric. And there they are on the shelf just waiting....Your quilts are wonderful!


  15. Wow, those are gorgeous!!! What a tremendous accomnplishment just to make one! Congratulations on your prizes -- they are most deserved.

    PS: to delete a picture, just click on it in the Compose page, and hit delete on your computer keyboard.

  16. Rhondi,
    I just found your blog and had to leave a comment to let you know how much I am enjoying it.

    Such beautiful quilts and quilted pillows on some of the older posts! I can see why your Blue Plate Special won those awards. It’s beautiful.

    And my goodness, the colors are stunning in Baltimore Album goes to Carnival.

    You are a very talented woman! I hope to visit again soon.

  17. Hi Rhondi,

    Your quilts are gorgeous. I love your color choices. I think my favorite is the Baltimore Album Goes to Carnival... just delightful.

    Thanks for stopping by to say "hi."

  18. Your work on the quilts is just spectacular. It's just amazing. You deserved those ribbons!

  19. I'm blown away with your quilts Rhondi. At this rate I will never get to the house topur post!

  20. I just found you because you made a comment on my blog. I love the cheery yellow background of your quilt.

  21. Your Carnival quilt is just fantastic. I'm waving back at it now. Love the colors and the way you did the sashing. I love that PoC quilt too - I bet the one ya'all do to will be wonderful.


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