Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just a Short Visit

I am just making a pot of tea and I got out a pretty cup for you because I had a feeling you might pop by. When I was getting married my mother-in-law had a cup and saucer shower for me and this is one of the ones I received. I think it is from the 40's.
I amazed at how kind and generous bloggers are. In many ways it feels like a big family and there is always someone sending an award or saying something encouraging.
Kathleen Grace at Kathy's Cottage who gave me this is one of those people. Thanks! If you happen to mention the word LOVE in your blog today then I want to give this to you!
Well I can't chat any longer. My sister is coming for a visit tomorrow and I have to get things organized for her visit, so I have to say goodbye. See you next time and thanks for stopping by.
Rhondi xo


  1. Your teacup is lovely! What a wonderful idea for a bridal shower!

  2. Hi Rhondi,
    I love the cup and saucer!!
    Have a fun visit with your sister.

  3. Hi Rhondi what a lovely idea a 'cup & saucer' shower !
    It is very pretty, I will join you in a cuppa.
    Carol x


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