Sunday, January 6, 2008

White Things in my Home

Hi Bloggers

Hope you had a lovely relaxing Sunday. I know I did: went to church this morning, worked on a quilt this afternoon while hubby watched football, (He's recovering nicely from the surgery. Thanks for all your concerns! )and had the kids for dinner. It was a beautiful warm sunny day.

Maureen at Penchants Ponderings and Posies is having a White Winter List Giveaway. Anyone who posts a picture of something white in their home is eligible.
If you've been reading my blog, you will know that I love color but I found a couple of things: a birdcage, a cow pitcher and a cow creamer. I got all of them at garage sales.

My list of favorite white things in our home is: my wicker chaise lounge which is pictured in my banner photo, white wicker fern planter, white rocking chairs on the front porch, white slipcovered sofa, white dining room table, white framed mirrors, white china cabinet and white dogwoods in the spring. I have more white than I thought The contest is open until today (Sunday) so it's probably not too late to enter!


  1. All white...this is so up my alley!

    By the way, I'm so glad to hear your husband is recovering nicely.


  2. You have tons of white! The creamer is too cute! And of course, we know how I feel about your chaise! :-) I hope you win the birds! GOod luck!
    ~Angela :-)

  3. I am not an all white girl as I love autumn colors and the feel of a pretty wood. I do like white to accent things at this time of year though. It speaks of January!

    I have the same little creamer cow which is now living up at Cranberry Cottage. I got him while we lived in Sweden from a (French brand) Pillivuyt shop there which we used to love to go visit and dream. We were just married and had to buy everything for our home so had little money for nice things. It was a treat from my DH. How fun that you have one too!

    Hugs ~

  4. Hi, Rhondi! you have some very pretty white pieces & a yardsale girl too, that's great! I've missed a few of your posts. I adore that quilt you is just spectacular! You should be So proud of that. I have no talent with anything sewing, so I'm in awe of those who are. My mom's a great seamstress, although she's slowed down some over the year.

    Glad your hubby is doing well! My DH is on the computer ALL the time too.



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