Monday, January 21, 2008

A Room of My Own

Every girl needs a room of her own. Finally after 36 years of marriage I finally have a room of my own! Just for me! I am the only one who uses it.

When I first saw this house almost 4 years ago, it was this room plus the yard that sold us on it. At first we used it as a sunroom/family room and I filled it with whiter wicker and white slipcovered furniture and all my blue and white china. It was a beautiful room.

When I began to make quilts I wanted a place to work on them. This is my favorite room in the house and so one day my sister and my husband convinced me that my work with the quilts was important enough that I needed a room to work in. Since I often spend the entire day sewing it seemed that this room would be the best place for me to be, since it has big windows which let in light and let me have a beautiful view to look at. So we gave up the sunroom and turned it into my studio. It's amazing how much easier it was for me to call myself an artist once I actually had a studio.

So here is my studio. It is just off my kitchen and looks out onto the backyard. Some of my blue and white plates are on the wall. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them. Here is another view. I need to make a pretty cover for my chair. I just noticed how ugly it is when I look at this photo.
Every studio needs some work space. We took a plain slab door and screwed some long 2x4's onto it for legs. We made it counter height so it is easy on my back when standing there cutting or designing. It is seldom this tidy :)
My other work space is this table with the painted legs that my sewing machine sits on.Shelves to store some of my books.
More storage under the table, another old bookcase painted white and large plastic bins. Storage for fabric in 2 antique pine cupboards, one you can see in the background. My Blue Plate Special quilt which you've seen before hangs on the wall. More storage: plastic bins under the table and a white wicker magazine basket.
More storage space behind these doors.
The best thing of all is that when I am working on a project and have to stop I can just leave everything where it is, doesn't matter if it's messy. I am very blessed to have such a great studio. I waited a long time but it was worth the wait.

So when I say I've been working in the studio or working on a quilt you'll know where I am.


  1. You missed one of the main parts of your studio, your shelf with all of your fabric!!!

  2. Oh Rhondi,
    Your studio is just amazing.... that quilt on the wall ..I'm guessing you made that master piece.... and you have won ribbons with your quilts.. WOW . The view of the outside .. the plates on the wall it is all just perfect.....I could move right in there and work all day... oh yeh.... I'm really messy... guess I better stay out .... . I just love seeing your wonderful work space... I have that Madeline doll... and I have her dog Genevieve....

  3. Rhondi,
    What a wonderful room to 'create' in.....Your plates really appeal to me as I am a 'dish-a-holic'.

    Your quilts are works of art...Betty

  4. Wow!!! What can I say - love it, envy you, can I move in too please!

    You deserve this after so many years of waiting - a room of your own - and now even a room with a view! There's absolutely no way I'll ever have one like this - so I'll just enjoy peeking in at yours, and seeing all that you create Rhondi.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely space.

  5. Wow! What a beautiful room!! I'm about to get envious!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, it's always a pleasure to meet a fellow tea lover! I just posted more about tea tonight.

    You are more than welcome to copy the National Hot Tea Month button, I copied it too!

    I bookmarked your blog and will return!

    I enjoyed hearing Michael sing What a wonderful world!

  6. I am so excited about your room - it oozes inspiration - a beautiful place to create! I'm thinking of converting an unused room to a personal work space too. I think you've motivated me to get started!

  7. Rhondi,
    Thanks for visiting..come back again, anytime. I thought I better pay you a visit too. I love your studio and the photo on your blog heading..looks like a wonderful place to curl up with a good book. Your quilts are beautiful~my goal is to learn to sew and learn to make a quilt..

    Yes, I love treasure hunting and finding a great bargain! So nice to meet you.


  8. Very NICE studio.

    Your quilts are amazing.

    ~elaine! from SoCal

  9. How I have enjoyed seeing where you create! I will share photos of my quilt studio one day but now it is still a war zone as it has been since the fall. I started to leave too many messes out while Santa's Workshoppe was open. I am slowly finding the floor again and will start organizing. I have a few plans for doing things and have just added making little slipcovers for my chair like yours. What a great idea you gave me. I don't have great light and have to keep lace over my window as my view is into the bedrooms of the houses close behind ours. So I have good lights on the ceiling. I don't have a large room and need to stay organized so I can move about. But still I love being in my own space. It really does help you be more creative.

    You are so blessed to have all that natural light and my what a pretty view you have out to your garden. I think it must be all the more inspiring. Enjoy the room of your own and I will look forward to seeing even more wonderful creations in the future.

    Hugs ~

  10. Hi Rhondi
    Your studio/creative space is absolutely gorgeous! And that view is amazing. I agree every one needs a little spot of their own :-} and yours is just beautiful.

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  12. Rhondi,
    what a charming quilting studio! I love how you used things you had (like the door) to make useful items. I envy you being able to work there every day.

  13. HI! Thank you for visiting my blog and I am so happy I found yours too!
    what an amazing dream when we retire and move in a few years...
    Love your quilts and yes would love to see the fabric in the cabinets too :)
    now to go back and read more of your posts!
    I will be back! Adding you to my bloglines!

  14. Hi, Rhondi-
    Your studio is fantastic! What a wonderful place to create and have fun. You have done it right. And the view - oh, I love it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving your sweet comments. Your suggestion about painting the back of my hutch to show off the yellow glass and my new plates is the subject of my blog today. I've thought about that for a long time but haven't decided what would be the best color. What do you think? I'd love to hear your suggestions. I hope you will stop by and share your thoughts.

  15. I love your studio! No wonder you make such beautiful have such an inspiring room! I love the light from the windows, it's so bright and cheery even on a winter day. Your view is wonderful also. There must be a lot of birds and squirels (that can't be the right spelling??)come to visit on the deck.

    Looks like you are organized too! I know that helps the creative process, at least it does for me.

    What a wonderful room! Thank you for showing it to us.

  16. Rhondi, that is a great space! I know you must get very creative in such a nice place. And the view Love those plates on the wall and the toile drapes. I can see why you get inspired here!


  17. Love how you've organized your studio, Rhondi! I'm working on mine and want to make covers for my chairs as well. Isn't it nice to have a place of your very own to work in? ~ Lynda xo

  18. Drool rag needed! Why didn't you warn me?

    I love it so much! I am especially envious of that snow! ;-)

    Love the Madeline doll - I have one on my dresser and at work - she is my favorite character!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful studio!


  19. Hello Rhondy,

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your studio! Those beautiful quilts, lovely blue china, the view ... wow!
    (Here is someone speaking who doesn't have a room for herself and just fell in love with yours, I'm afraid.) I hope you enjoy it fully!

    Greetings, Carolien

  20. Oh Rhondi! What a wonderful space to call your own! It is so light and bright. And spacious! I love your blue plate collection...and of course your quilts. It is raining here today...and cold...

  21. Love your sewing studio. What a great place to work. thanks for sharing.

  22. I am completely jealous. God bless you. Enjoy!

  23. Hi, I went to Kathie's blog and read about your sewing room. :-)
    My goodness, I wish I can have a sewing room like yours one day!

  24. Oh, I just love the beautiful trees outside and the soft yellow/cream and blue palette. (And of course, your GORGEOUS quilts and fabrics.) May I ask: the toile curtains, are they blue and white or blue and cream? And what is the paint color? I really like it!
    ~Angela :-)

  25. Goodness, I think this space is bigger than my living room and dining room combined LOL! What a wonderful space you have! Beautiful view and I'm sure the light is fantastic. Love the plates too!



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