Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Columbine In My Garden

Good morning my friends
I can't get enough of the colors of the garden this time of year. Every time I go outside there is something in bloom saying "take a picture of me". So this is what I took shots of today.
We live in a very basic 1960's brick ranch. But it has a nice front porch which makes it look inviting. Right now the dogwood out front is in full bloom and the Japanese maple is in full leaf. I mentioned in an older post that I wanted to name our home Rest and Be Thankful and when I drive up the driveway that's how I feel. I just want to rest and be thankful. One of these days I hope to make a sign.We have huge banks of azaleas which are so beatiful especially against the green of the woods behind.
And the dogwood in the woods are beautiful too.
This is the garden by our side door where we usually come in. Right now it is filled with Columbine. I just let them go to seed every year so there are always lots of them. I love the variety of colors they produce and the delicateness of the flowers. That is a magnolia tree against the wall which a previous owner espaliered against the wall and there are knockout roses against the brick also.

Some close ups of the columbine. I love them!

This is the native columbine "aquilegia canadensis. It can sometimes be found growing wild.

Here is a little information on the columbine which I thought was interesting. I always wonder where the name came from.
The generic name of Aquilegia is derived from the Latin aquila (an eagle), the spurs of the flowers being considered to resemble an eagle's talons. The popular name, Columbine, is from the Latin columba (a dove or pigeon), from the idea that the flowers resemble a flight of these birds. .
The Columbine is a favourite old-fashioned garden-flower, being mentioned by Tusser (1580) among a list of flowers suitable 'for windows and pots', Parkinson, in 1629, speaks of the many varieties grown in gardens.
Hope you enjoyed the photos and that spring has arrived in your part of the world. ( I guess it's fall for the bloggers in Australia.)
Rhondi xo


  1. Good Morning Rhondi! I love your home and gardens. They are just beautiful!!

    Guess what? You are the WINNER to my 200th post giveaway! Please email me at lavenderhillstudio@mchsi.com and let me know what colors you want (I am guessing blue and white)

  2. How beautiful!!! I have tried to grow columbines, but the deer love them too much...We do have azaleas, but they aren't blooming yet...thanks for sharing!

  3. Rhondi: First congratulations on the win.

    I just "discovered" your blog and am so glad I did. A fellow gardener, quilter, tea drinker. I love the pictures you so expertly take and I LOVE columbine. I live about a 3 hour drive from Asilomar.

    I hope we can become friends and if I'm ever in North Carolina put hang the "I'm In The Garden" sign out and put the tea water on. We'll chat...

  4. The columbine are beautiful. I was not familiar with them, but I might have to give them a try.

    Congratulations on being the big winner.

  5. Oh, I LOVE your home...it is so pretty, nestled in the beautiful flowers. Please DO make a sign and then show me where you put it!
    All your photos are just fabulous.
    hugs, bj

  6. Hi Rhondi (:)
    Lovely pictures ~~OH SO SPRINGY~~~
    WE NEED that so-so-so-so much ...it was a long- long winter here ..Your yard is blooming alittle sooner then mine..I have some things in bloom but not as much as you ~~
    hugs Patty

  7. Congrats on your ribbon!
    My father has always loved colombines & I finally planted some this year :-) That azalea is just stunning- too bad I can't grow them sucessfully here (to hot & dry, I think)

  8. Oh so pretty and congrats on winning Penny's giveaway, lucky you.

    Have a great day,
    Kathy :)

  9. Hi Rhondi, those Columbines are beautiful, I have a few in my garden, thought they haven't flowered yet here, they're not as magnificent as yours, anyway. I just wish there was more flower and less leaves!
    Lucy x

  10. How stunning! I love the beautiful flowers, we don't grow anything like those around here.

    Such a pretty yard, you're so very lucky!

  11. Lovely Garden and photographs too!!!
    Congrats on all of your winnings this week!!!

  12. Your flowers are just amazing.... I love seeing the front of your home... it is so pretty...
    Congrats on your ribbon with your magnificent quilt..... truly a work of art

  13. Wow! I think it's time for you to buy a lottery ticket. ;D

    Just here from Penny's to say congrats on your win.

    What an exquisite garden you have! Thank you so much for taking such beautiful photos of it and sharing them with us.

  14. hi, i came over from penny's blog..never saw this flower before, so pretty and tks for sharing..and i love this song!!

  15. Hi Rhondi, just discovered your blog this morning. What a very lovely garden you have, your flowers are looking beautiful. I've enjoyed my visit very much.

  16. I found you through lavender hill studio, what beautiful columbine…
    I have never seen so many in one spot..
    They are one of my favorite garden flowers..


  17. I loved walking through your garden! It will be another month before things are really in full bloom here. I can't wait! ~Adrienne~

  18. Your garden is beautiful. Love your quilt too. Congratulations on the ribbon! Your blog is lovely.

  19. Oh, thankyou thankyou thankyou for the lovely photos of your garden!
    I can't wait to plant my columbine bulbs/roots so we can enjoy similar beauty in our yard!

    We had mixed snow&rain on Monday, only 29 degrees this morning. This is NOT the part of spring I want...I want what you have!! Flowers, warm sunshine, yardwork without needing hot cocoa to warm up afterwards!!

    Until then, I'll simply dream over your photos.

  20. Hi Rhondi, How lovely your garden looks! It's really wonderful.Love the aquilegia's.Have some too in the garden but not so much.They are not yet blooming here in Belgium.But the cherrie blossom is out and one of these day's the wild appletree will be in her shokking pink dress.I'am so looking forward to it.

  21. Your columbines are so beautiful! What a wonderful gsarden you have around your lovely home. It must be heaven to sit on your front porch and see all that beauty.

    Smiles, Pat

  22. You are so blessed. Your garden & flowers are beauteous. I've greatly enjoyed seeing them.

  23. Oh girlfriend.what a delight!!!
    love love love it!!


  24. Rhondi,
    I love your RED azealeas. I am totally diggin your blog picture of the red dishes and quilt,
    I will diffinitely be back.
    luv Cindy


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