Monday, April 28, 2008

A Little Feshening up

You've come at the perfect time. It's just a little past 4 o'clock here. Time for tea. Come and have a cup of tea with me and I'll show you what I've been up to. I've brought out my dainty blue tea set. Let's sit in the living room where I have been doing " a little freshening up".At this time of year everything is so fresh and clean outside and my living room was looking tired and in need of a makeover. So I took out everything that wasn't blue white or yellow.
The curtains that were in my studio fit these windows perfectly. A round piece of plywood which I'd stored in the basement came out of hiding and was put on top of a side table. I covered it with a pale yellow matelasse bedspread that I got at a yard sale a few years ago. Then I took our two wing chairs and placed them on either side. It makes a wonderful conversation area. This is another corner of the room. Remember when I had all those projects on the go. Well the two blue and white pillows are some of those projects. The other pillows I made 5 or 6 years ago . You may think a white couch is totally impractical but it's a slipcover. It comes off and goes in the washer and dryer and can even be bleached if necessary. We bought the couch from a sweet old couple when we were first married and they had bought it when they were first married, so I figure it has to be around 90 years old and it's still in good shape!

I replaced the quilt on the wall with my blue and white one, which hung in my studio. This is a view of the room from the front hall.

This is a view of the far end of the room.

I took down the beautiful painting over the mantle and replaced it with a watercolor I painted years ago. All the brass candlesticks are put away for now. The painting on the left is one of the ones my mom painted which was hanging in our bedroom. I painted the one on the right.

This is the other corner of the room, looking in from the dining room.
Here is a larger photo where you can see how the living and dining rooms flow together. I replaced the red and white quilt on the dining room table with a blue and white tablecloth, but it still needs a little something to freshen it up for spring.
It's fun putting little collections of things together.
Another collection on the round table.
So that's my freshened up living room, now let's enjoy that tea.

Rhondi xo


  1. Hi Rhondi,
    First let me say thank you for your nice comments.
    I would love a cup of tea about now.
    I love yellow, blue and white together. It does look fresh,and summery. What a lovely home.
    Thanks for visiting, and have a good cup of tea.

  2. Just beautiful! Thanks for the tour, and I'd love a cup of tea! Earl Grey with milk please!

  3. Your room looks so welcoming. I know if I was there in person, I would feel so comfortable in those surroundings. So many beautiful things. Thanks for the cup of tea too :)

  4. Put on the tea kettle and I'll bring the scones. Your living room is so relaxing and serene. What a wonderful artist you are. Did you make the quilt? It is beautiful. I'll be right over.....

  5. Hi Rhondi, your living room looks lovely, who needs the sun with a room like that. Yes, I do like this time of year, sunny but breezy days, warm but not too hot, are my favourite. Mind you, it's started pouring with rain again today :-(
    Have a good week,
    Lucy x

  6. Hello
    This is my first visit to your lovely blog. Your room looks terrific, so inviting and sunny.
    I'll bring some cake with me on my next visit - homemade of course :)

  7. Oh my,It is so warm and inviting and yet cheery and cozy. I just love it! Laurie

  8. Hi Rhondi, I found your blog & just had to write to tell you how lovely it all is!...your blog, your home, your quilts, & all your "blue & white"!!! I have been freshening up & readying our house for the warm weather months ahead as well! I am also a quilter & am so admiring the ones I see in your home! I have a question?...I assume the quilt at the beginning of your blog ( red/white) also is one you made? It is just spectacular!!!! The entire picture is! May I ask what the design is? I am so inspired! You are going on the list of my favorite blogs! Thank you so much for sharing!...Heidi :)

  9. Its beautiful Rhondi!
    I can't wait to show it to my girlfriend whom has been tossing around the idea of doing her family room in yellow, blue n white! I know she will love yours!

    I'd love to join you for tea!


  10. What a beautiful room, Rhondi! I love how you decorated it with all the blues, whites and yellows. The quilt on the wall is gorgeous! It's such an inviting room, and I love how it looks into the red dining room. A perfect place to have tea.

  11. Hi, Rhondi -
    I wish, oh how I wish, I could just drop by and sit to share tea and chat for awhile in your lovely home. Everything is lovely. Your painting is just beautiful. Of course I'm partial to blue and white and yellow! You and I would have a problem shopping together - we would want the same things! ~Adrienne~

  12. Oh my, so beautiful. What a lovely room.

  13. Your house is so beautiful! I wish I could see it in person! You should name it "My Blue Heaven!" You may not be old enough to remember that song!


  14. Oh Rhondi, I just love your blue and white and yellow room! Everything looks so fresh and sunny:>) I have yellow walls and red and cream furniture, but I am working on adding some touches of blue to the mix.

  15. Hi Rhondi,
    WOW! you've done an amzing job!!!!.
    I really love the fabric on the wing back chairs. Eveything just blends so well together:-).

  16.'s so beautiful and serene looking! I would love sit down for a cup of tea with you. Do you have any English Breakfast? With mild please, and I like my mild poured into the cup before the tea!

  17. Hello my dear friend! I am so glad that I arrived just in time for tea. And what a sweet and springtime room for us to sit in for a chat. I have told you before how I really love your blue and white china quilt. You did such an amazing job on it. I think changing quilts around in the house helps us to see them all over again. You have quite a collection of blue and white china. I am sure it is the rewards of many years of searching for pieces.

    I can't believer your couch is that old! It really look like new. I guess that proves that buying something of quality is worth its weight in gold. And what a romantic way that you acquired it...

    I really miss my regular visits but continue to stop by whenever I do get a moment. We are off to Cranberry Cottage already this afternoon. Wednesday and Thursday are Dutch holidays and DH is off. I am looking forward to relaxing and watching the birds...

    Hugs ~

  18. Rhondi, I love . . . Love . . . LOVE your white and blue living room! I just love blue, white and pale yellow together. It's my absolute favouritest of all time combination of colours. I am afraid if I came to visit, I'd never want to leave! You'd be stuck with me forever!

  19. Oh my goodness your room is sheer bliss.........I am there now sipping a nice hot cuppa in a china cup.............

  20. You have a lovely house. Love all the blue and white china and collectables. Those chairs are so cute too.

  21. Rhondi, this post reminds me of the redesign segments on HGTV where they redo a room without spending any money! Have you seen those? You are very clever to be able to move things from room to room. I love it!

  22. I have missed a lot by not visiting for a few days! This is a stunning room. We have no blue and white and just banned all the yellow in our livingroom but I must say that when I see this room I wish I had some blue and white and a bit of vanilla!!! This realy is a wonderful fresh and summery room.

  23. Rhondi

    I wanna live here!!!!!!!!!! Cozy, great color scheme, very it!

  24. Wow, my mouth fell open ... it looks GORGEOUS! Thank you very much for sharing all this! Wow ...

    Bye, Carolien

  25. Hardwood floors--now I so totally envious....The color scheme is fresh and inviting. I think I would choose to sit on your 90 year old sofa and enjoy a cup of Earl Grey.....

  26. Hi Rhondi! It looks SO fabulous, and I'm including it in the yellow challenge round-up right this'll be live in a bit. Thanks!
    ~Angela :-)

  27. Your living room is beautiful and fresh looking. I also love blue and white, as many of my posts reveal.


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