Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let Me Hear Joy

This morning as I was reading my bible I read in Psalm 51: "Let me hear joy and gladness." As I was reading those words, I became aware of all the birds joyfully chirping outside. So I decided to make some tea and invite you to sit outside with me for a few minutes and hear the joy of the birds. I got my red and white tea pot and a quilt for you to wrap up in as it was just a little cool this morning and took them to the red chairs which are set right at the edge of our garden looking into the woods. There are also some delicious crispy peanut butter cookies that my friend Mary made that we can nibble on. I liked the red and white scene so much I decided to use it as a new header for awhile.

Can you hear the sound of birds outside your window in the mornings? They always sound so happy and full of joy, especially at this time of year.

The birds seem to be joyful just because it's a new day. I am going to do that too. I have a sweet little book by Thomas Kincaide and I love what he says:

Decide that joy is the hue you want your heart to be . Then start making the little and large choices that over time will paint your heart happy.

Rhondi xo


  1. There is truly so much joy around us if we just choose to see and share in it! Thank you for sharing a bit of the joy in your world.
    I like your new header....the quilt and red and white tea set are wonderful!

  2. Hi Rhondi, what a lovely post to wake up to today, it is 6:43 am here and I am praying for good weather to start showing itself! But today, Joy will reign in my heart not matter what the weather does, I am saved, loved and have so many blessings...thanks for the reminder!
    Hugs, Donna Lynn

  3. I love the new header photo Rhondi. I'm an early riser & sitting with my tea when the birds begin to sing in the morning. It doesn't take long for my little budgie Jax to join in :-} birdsong inside and out.

  4. Hi Rhondi,
    What a lovely post. There truly is so much joy to be found all around us if we just look for it. Choosing to be happy will make for a better day.
    Thank you for sharing! I love your new header.
    Come see me, I have something for you!

  5. Thank you for coming by to visit. Your blog was a wonderful way to start my day! I love your shirt quilt, and your fab. stash.The Thomas Kincaide quote is beutiful. Can you help me? I have pictures I would like to put on my side bar...I have the photos ready, just dont know how to get them onto my layout. Thanks, I'll be back often. Laurie

  6. Rhondi -
    What a wonderful verse to start the day with. Thank you for the reminder to be filled with joy. And I love the red setting where you invited us to join you. I only wish I really could be there and enjoy it with you as we chat.

  7. We should all choose happiness. Thanks for giving us some of your joy.

  8. Hi Rhondi,
    I was full of joy as I potted in my garden this morning and hung out the washing....I crave a simple and joyfull life, by turning off the TV and hearing nothing but the birds, I truly feel it.
    Carol x

  9. Rhondi, I always tell my kids that they have a choice. I always suggest that they choose to be happy. This was a lovely post. Susan

  10. Good morning Rhondi! What a beautiful red and white scene to find upon opening up your page!!
    Aren't we lucky to live where we do, at this time in history - so many choices and the opportunity to 'meet' so many kindred spirits!

  11. Hi Rhondi! Am I too late for cookies and tea? I love your new header - of course I love red! As I am typing this, in the late afternoon, my birds are singing away outside. I do love the mornings, but evening at dusk, is lovely outside to listen to the birds too, as they say goodnight to the world..

  12. I do love your blog, your beautiful pictures and your creative writing. It is all so welcoming. I would love to join you for tea from your red and white teaset and to listen to the birds. What a lovely positive start to the day.

  13. I really love those days when you can fling open all windows and doors, and hear the birdsong. It is a pleasure to have them around whilst gardening too. x


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