Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wing Haven Sale

Good morning friends

This week I am involved in helping at the annual spring plant sale at Wing Haven. This is one of the fundraisers to help support the garden. I really enjoy doing it because of the beautiful and cheerful environment. Everyone who comes to the sale is happy. The people who come to our sale all love to garden so they are all having a great time choosing more plants for their well loved gardens. Next time you go to your favorite garden center take a look at the people buying plants and you'll see lots of happy people!

The collage is some pictures I took yesterday at the sale.

As most of you know I love blue and the combination of blue & white. Each year they seem to be coming out with more plants with blue flowers. So when I saw these I had to buy them! The plant is Lithodora. It will spread out and stay quite short.
Aren't the colors great? I love them!! I'd like to try painting them. One of them is going in the garden at my back door so I can see it every time I come in and out. Not sure where I'll put the other one yet.

If you're one who loves to putter around in the garden I hope you get to do that today. That's what I plan to do this afternoon.

Whatever your plans are for today I hope that some joy comes your way.

Rhondi xo


  1. Hi Rhondi, ah, lovely photo..I love blue too!! Plant sales are the best, they always make me happy. This week I go out to buy my first set of annuals for my back garden and in another week or so, I'll buy the ones for my front garden. There is nothing I love shopping for as much as plants...they make me so happy. Enjoy your sale.

  2. I loved your post today. I usually read thru bloglines--- Boy, I've been missing a beautiful header. Talk to me about the Lithodora. How much sun does it need? How much will it spread? I hope our garden booths carry it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Loved the blue post and the lovely color of your background, we don't do much blue here in the Northwest, it is so grey and dreary that blue just makes you...well, blue!! ;)
    I love looking at other peoples blue things, love the flowers, have you tried Johnsons Blue Geraniums yet? They are a wonderfully hardy perennial, they get quite big and bloom their heads off all summer.
    Hugs to you, Donna Lynn

  4. Beautiful collage Rhondi. Wishing you a fun, successful plant sale.

  5. Hi Rhondi
    What for loveley blue plants.
    Your collage is beautiful.I wish you
    much fun in your garden.
    Hugs Regina

  6. I adore blue flowers, and isn't it interesting that they are so rare in nature.

  7. Hi Rhondi,
    Working the fundraiser sounds like a labor of love. So much beauty in one place. The plants you chose are darling. Wouldn't they be cute in a window box. Loved your columbine post a few days ago-great photos!

  8. Have never seen lithodora - no wonder you love it! What a beauty :-) I'm always wanting to inject more blue and purple in my garden.

  9. Oh That looks and sounds like fun!! I would love to help support the cause!!:)

  10. This is my favorite time of year... I could spend forever wandering around the garden center.
    I am yellow and red this year!

  11. Oh I want to come to the SALE!!
    I've been in the garden this week
    smiles, Deena

  12. Rhondi, Hope you have a ball at the flower fundraiser, Will you find me some beautiful REDS. Yes YEs Yes I would love to be on your list, may I oblige and do the same?

  13. What a gorgeous post, and your new header is so wonderful. I love these colors and the way you photographed these...your mosaic is beautiful. Karen

  14. Well, Rhondi, I popped in for a quick read after a very long day at work and have been here for an hour. First, the lithodora - I have a lovely one in my garden because the deer don't eat it!! Amazing!
    After reading about the sale I caught up with yesterday's post and got side tracked on A Year at Oak Cottage - it's a good thing I'd already eaten!!
    Thank you for a lovely hour!

  15. Beautiful plants Rhondi!! I just love browsing around garden centres and looking at all the plants! I always want to buy all of them! Your Lithodora is lovely. I love blue flowers in a garden. Can't wait to see what you do with them! Ohhh, wouldn't they look nice in an old copper basin . . .

  16. Hi Rhondi, such beautiful plants, what a wonderful way to spend the day too. I love to putter around the garden but in a Victorian lady kind of way, i.e. I don't like having the do the hard work!
    Lucy x

  17. I was THERE today. It's a tradition
    with a friend of mine and my daughter
    to have a picnic lunch together , go to the sale and then to the gardens.
    I wonder if I asked you a question or you did my receipt?!!!
    It was busy today.


  18. Oh that blue & white is beautiful! Did you see the current issue of Victoria mag? It's all about blue & white and is a treasure of an issue.


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