Wednesday, April 9, 2008

House Avaliable

Yesterday I bought 2 ferns to hang on our front porch. For the last 2 years a little house finch has made her nest there . A couple of hours after I hung the ferns I noticed the male finch checking it out. I hope Mr. and Mrs. Finch will decide to raise another brood of babies here. I'll keep you posted.

Have you been over to visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound ? She has a great parade of roosters going on there. A whole lot of bloggers sent photos of roosters they have collected and she has posted them. It's a lot of fun. Make sure you check it out and tell her I sent you.
Hope you enjoy your day.
Rhondi xo


  1. I love that the little house finches nest in your ferns! You just have the lovliest blog!

  2. We have a "couple" that come back each year, they nest in the tree right outside the garage door.

    Nice post,
    Kathy :)

    ps I LOVE Michael Buble :-)

  3. Oh how lovely that they wanted to move in, I do hope they have some babies!
    Lucy x

  4. That's lovely! We always have a nest on top of one of the columns on the front of house. It's always so much fun to watch the baby birds!


  5. I bet that is fun to watch all summer!

  6. Rhondi,
    What is that bird on your side bar... I have one nesting in my garage... it is such a sweet bird.. I have purple finches that nest on my porch..

  7. I hope they come back and make a nest.

  8. Those finches will make lovely neighbours!
    I thought of sending over a rooster to your friend's blog but then thought it would be noisy enough over there without my contribution!

  9. I think I shall try this, I have never hung ferns in a basket, maybe a lovely bird would come along and nest in mine. This is a great idea. x

  10. I love a huge fern hanging on a porch. I miss porches so much from back home. We used to hang 4 ferns from our pergola but can't now that we have Cranberry Cottage. We are not home on the weekends to be sure they stay wet enough in the summer. I will enjoy yours all the more this year for that. I so hope that Mr. and Mrs. Finch decide to take up residence at your home again this year. How fun to watch the comings and goings and hear the sounds of chirping baby birds!

    You have a red brick house! Wonderful. From what I can see here, your house looks perfectly charming.

    Hugs ~

  11. I love big baskets of ferns hanging on front porches! I hope the finch come back and nest again this year. How exciting!

  12. What a lovely fern. I always buy one for my porch, too. They do great outside but the minute I bring them in in the late summer, they buy one or two EVERY year. Something about a fern on the porch that says,"Welcome" to me.....
    I just wanted to tell you how beautiful all your roosters are. I watched the parade all four days and enjoyed all of them sooo much.
    You were very sweet to mention Beverly and her parade on your post today!
    hugs, bj

  13. Love your ferns. It is just too dry here for them to thrive.

    I visited Beverly's site and I knew your rooster without reading the text. Blue and white! cute.
    Kathy b

  14. How lovely that the finches will come back to make house in the ferns.We have a little birdhouse at the kitchen window.Is was lived in by small tits.It was o so lovely to do the washing up with these little birds fying on and off.I say the fledgelings flying off for the first time..A wonderful experiance.Enjoy you little birds.

  15. Wouldn't that be the sweetest? I miss my huge honeysuckle that went up & all the way across our lanai- for several years, mourning doves would nest in there & we could watch them secretly from the bedroom window above. Unfortunately, the ants toke over & we had to dig it up :-(

  16. Hi Rhondi - I have the same finch visitors each Spring too, as soon as I hang new Boston Ferns they nest. I checked the ferns at Lowe's today and they are huge this year - goodness knows how large they'll be by the end of the season. I must buy two after this cooler weekend has passed.


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