Sunday, April 20, 2008

Too Many Projects

Do you take on or start too many projects at once? I do! Here is the mess on my sewing table at the moment.

This quilt top is finished. I made it out of men's shirts I bought at Goodwill. So I have to pick fabric for the back, pin the top and batting and back together and it's ready for me to quilt.

I have all these colors picked out ready for a new quilt, not sure what type of pattern to do, but I just love the wild color combination! So it's sits out where I can see it waiting for me to get some inspiration.

All I have left on this one is to sew on the binding. I am going to use the black and white print for the binding.

These are some new patches I've sewn together: flying geese and half square triangles. My plan is to make a lot of different kinds of blocks and then come up with a pleasing and creative arrangement.

I am doing a bit of re-arranging things in our living room so I've been working on a couple of pillow covers in blue and white.

I found this bit of embroidery at a yard sale for 50 cents so I plan to incorporate it into a pillow too.

So that's five sewing projects on the go! Why do I do this to myself? I tell myself it's because I'm creative :) Is there a solution or am I just a hopeless case?

Rhondi xo


  1. Well . . . you just sound like a normal quilter to me LOL! In fact, I think you have fewer projects going than many of us!

  2. Your quilts are so beautiful! All those tiny pieces really scare me though. I think all creative people have lots of things going at once. If you are like me, your mind doesnt stop coming up with ideas just because you are already working on one! I think they are all great!

  3. Hi Rhondi!
    It's hopeless! I do the same thing to myself! I think it's because our brains run a thousand time faster than we can. I have sewing projects, upholstery projects and painting projects lined up and out the wazoo!
    It's a club and we are members with honors!
    Hugs, Sherry

  4. These projects look amazing. My sister and I discuss often how we begin so many different projects. I always say that we are designers really, and wouldn't it be nice if we could sit at our drawing boards designing the project, and parcel out the work to be completed by some magical place. I think I totally love the excitement of the vision, but sometimes I under estimate the work involved in completing each one.

    I can paint, but I envy anyone who can sew like this. Your work looks lovely.


  5. I so admire your skill and talent. Needles don't like me.

  6. I say.....go with the flow.....your finished product shows your system works for you!

  7. Oh, Rhondi! All of us quilters have way too many projects going at one time. That's because there are so many wonderful quilts to be made. You were wondering what to make with all the vibrant fabrics? Check out the patterns at Quilt Soup ( Barbara has one called Ciopinno that would be just perfect. I'm working on one now using those types of fabrics and it's going to be beautiful.

  8. Dear Rhondi,
    My BFF is also a quilter, she has the same thing going on, it is normal! Go with it, she always has about a million projects all going at once, but they get done eventually...HA! :) Enjoyed your blog! Donna Lynn

  9. Well I think you told yourself correctly.... I do the same thing... those creative just get to hopin and all kinds of beauty comes forth

  10. I have to agree with the others...this all looks quite normal to me! :)
    I do admire your talent.

  11. Too many projects???? I don't know, Rhondi - this just looks like insurance to me!! Insurance against every finding yourself with 'nothing to do'!!!

  12. Rhondi -
    If you're hopeless, then so am I! Your projects are always so wonderful and they inspire me to keep going. Maybe some day I'll get mine all done and will have nothing to do! Dream on.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for leaving your sweet comments. My dear mother was thrilled to read each of the comments about her laundry room. The table will be set, waiting for you to arrive. What fun we will have!

  13. Hai Rhondi, The quilts look wonderful.Love your new Kaffe Fassett collection.I just made a bag from his darker fabric.Always fun to work with his fabric.Met him last year when he came to my hometown.Made quite an impression with my two black eyes and broken glasses.Had a total blackout and fell flat on my face against a brick wall, but that was not enough to keep me from going to his class!!!
    Keep up the good work!

  14. Rhondi, I just notice that you have my old blog on your list of blogs.( Poppy quilts).Poppy quits blog does not exist anymore.You can find me now on
    Could you change it? Thanks

  15. Beautiful quilts, Rhondi! I especially like the one made from men's shirts ...very pretty patterns and it would be perfect in a seaside room.

    It's good to be busy ... enjoy it!

    Hugs, Pat

  16. Hello Rhondi! So glad you dropped by my blog, please come again! I'm in awe of your artistry! And yes, it is a hopeless case to think you will ever do things one at a time ;) . . . I believe that all tactile artists have this same problem. I no longer quilt, paint, crochet, paper scrapbook, sculpt, cross stitch, or sew my own clothes anymore because of arthritis. But I bet I have at least 2 projects from each category that have never been finished! My sewing/crafting table always looked like yours; it's the sign of an artist at work! Keep it up!

  17. Including the needlework in your pillow will be such a special touch. I am a huge needlework fan. Your quilts are beautiful and it must be very satisfying to comtemplate the new possibilities, waiting for you to make. Fabric is a double delight, so enjoyable to see and to touch.

  18. You are a very creative person, Rhondi, and your quilts are beautiful!
    Love all the bright colors. Enjoy putting it together.

  19. You have so much talent. Your quilts are just beautiful.

  20. Those Goodwill squares are amazing - I love your color combinations. Those geese and triangles are so bright and happy - great start to a project.


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