Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful today I want to jump for joy!

My hubby had a colonoscopy yesterday and everything looked great. They removed one very tiny polyp which the doctor assured us was absolutely normal looking and no cause for concern. So I am thankful that he has been cancer free now for 6 years!

What are you thankful for today?
Rhondi xo


  1. Hi Rhondi!
    I am so glad to hear your very special blessing! I am thankful for my wonderful husband that encourages me, loves me and helps me get through life and still laugh!!!
    Hugs, Sherry

  2. Thank you, Lord. That's something to jump up and down and shout about! My sweetheart recently had the same thing with good results. His first one ever with a family history of cancer. We are thankful for each day because we know so many who struggle with health issues. ~Adrienne~

  3. Praise the Lord. That is perfect justification for jumping with joy.

  4. Now that is a blessing. I would be grateful too if I was in your place. I can't think of life with our DHs.

    I miss coming by to visit and see you have a beautiful new picture for your header! And another tea set! Did you make that quilt? I love it. Even my mother commented as she loves red. Hope all is well and I just want you to know that I do think of you even if I can't stop by as often right now.

    Hugs ~

  5. That is something to be Thankful for!!!

  6. Hi Rhondi,
    That is fabulous news about your husband. You both must feel so blessed by his good health.
    The red and white quilt in your top picture is beautiful. I've been looking for one off and on for a few years like that for my son's room. I must not be looking in the right place.

  7. I forgot to tell what I'm thankful for! Today it's my Bible study group. What a wonderful group of ladies who love the Lord and love to study His word.

  8. Oh Rhondi! Such good news! I'm happy for you and your husband.

    I love your new banner -- so bright and cheerful!

    Glad you enjoyed my pizza tour -- it really was fun to do ;-)

    Hugs, Pat

  9. Hi Rhondi,
    How great!!!
    That is the best news for all of you.
    Today I was thankful for

  10. Hi Rhondi,
    Great news for hubby and a lot to be thankful for.
    I've been away for a few days and have some catching up to do!

  11. That is such good news!! I will jump for joy over a little thing like sunshine!!lol oh, and the pictures...someone did tell me how...I had a dah moment...I have looked at the layout area time again and never saw where it said "picutes" she did tell me 4th one down...I'm like, REALLY its ALWAYS been there?!>now I just have to go through all my photos to find which ones I need to put Thanks for the offer. Laurie (have you done that blog roll thing yet, where it highlights new blogs?)

  12. Rhondi, that is fabulous news about your dh - hug him for me please. I am now 18 years out from my colon cancer and am thankful every single day. My dh is now 5-1/2 years out from his cancer - together we count out blessings daily and just pray we remain cancer free............because there is still so much living to be done!

    Thank you for the recent award, it is much appreciated.
    I'm off on a road trip tomorrow and will post on it later - hopefully I'll have some good things to show!
    Enjoy life and make every day special. Hugs - Mary.

  13. Hi Rhondi~
    Well, first I am thankful that your sweet husband has been cancer free for 6 years!!

    And next, I am thankful that I can sit outside for dinner and feel the gentle spring breezes float around me..

  14. Rhondi, that is such loevly news about your husband. Isn't God great? He makes us turn to Him with our needs and He answers our prayers and now He is bringing your appreciation of yoour husband even closer.
    I LOVE the red on your blog top....I want that quilt! It's awesome.
    Thank you for your lovely blog-it always makes me happy!
    Mary Lou Weidman

  15. Rhondi, I'm really pleased for you and your husband! That's what I am thankful for! Thankful that I am able to take some joy out of other people's blessings! Wow, it's just great!

  16. Hi Rhondi! That sounds incredible, the good news absolutely made my day over here. I know from personal experience what it's like to live with a serious illness - and to recover from it.

    It's not Thursday anymore but I'd like to say (as already stated in Deb's blog, too) that I'm, as ever, thankful for the fact that there is such an amazing global network of caring and creative, FANTASTIC ladies in my life!

    Have a good weekend!

  17. Oh, that is something wonderful to thank God for! We can never get enough of his tender mercies!

  18. Praise the Lord, that is a true blessing!!!! Hubby had a stroke almost three years and he's has recoved remarkably well!!!!!

  19. Hi Rhondi!

    That's such fantastic news!! I'm so happy for you both!


  20. That is truly a thing to be thankful for, Rhondi! We had cancer in the family too last year and depression and a lot of other health issue's so I now know how inportent a good healt is.


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